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Adam Nicolai's Sarcastically Titled, Super-Deluxe Writing Blog

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My name is Adam Nicolai, and rather than bore my hapless Facebook friends with lengthy dissertations on whatever my most recent writing-related epiphany was, I've decided to expound on such things here.

For those who don't know me, I've written a fantasy novel titled The Witch of Southlight.  It took me about seven years to write, punctuated and interrupted as it was by such minor life details as the purchase of my house, and the birth of my two children.  
I spent the entirety of last year revising the manuscript, feverishly working over a printed paper copy during 30 minutes snatches of time on my lunch break, and this year was intended to be the year I started seeking publication.  Which it has been, but I find at every step of the process that I've grossly underestimated the extent to which I was not yet done revising.  The query letter and the synopsis alone have been major undertakings, repeatedly revised, but the manuscript (or just "ms", to those in the know) has also repeatedly drawn my ire and attention. 

Anyway, the point is, I feel I've learned a lot.  About writing, about looking for an agent, about writing a good query letter and a good synopsis, and about myself as a writer.  And I've felt the need to put these insights into words - both so I can truly recognize them myself, as well as hopefully share them with others who may find them useful.

Now, I feel like a bit of a pretentious ass even writing that last sentence.  I'm not published.  My agent search has (thus far) been fruitless.  But I have made strides, and I have seen improvements, and even if I hadn't, I can't ignore the fact that I have definitely improved as a writer this year.  So.  It's not that I'm trying to tell you what to do.  All I'm doing is trying to figure out what should do, and sharing my thought processes on the off chance someone will find them entertaining and/or useful.  It would probably be fair to say that this will be a personal journal, more than anything, that just happens to be available online. 

I have a host of hobbies and other interests that I suspect will creep into this blog from time to time, despite my best efforts, but my aim is to make it focused primarily on my personal experiences with writing, agent searching, and publication.  I can make no promises, at this juncture, as to how often I'll be posting - but if Facebook has been any indication, it'll be quite a bit.  : P 

Thanks for reading, talk again soon.

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Thanks for the open invite. :)

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